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What to expect prior to the first few sessions of Root Cause Therapy

Excited, ready to release, anxious, nervous…

Maybe your feeling all the emotions prior to our session? If so, let’s clear that up, here. Shall we?

I want to explain so you feel comfortable but I also don’t want to go into too much detail that your brain is working overtime trying to over think things during sessions. Ya know, as humans were good at that. :)

First Session

Upon booking you will shortly after receive a RCT Intake Form to complete prior to your session. When we meet whether it be in person or online we will have an uplifting, intimate conversation about your blocks and what you want to release. From there we will discuss

your intake form, what you are wanting to free yourself from. Then we will go into the muscle testing portion of the session. You will need to be standing for this. I will explain what to do and then we will test, its easy and frankly really cool. From there we will pick the first three limiting beliefs to work on inside the next session. We will make sure your goals are aligned and meet for the second session.

Second Session

We confirm the three limiting beliefs we picked prior are still the three you want to work on that day. Next you lay down or get into a comfortable position, I will then guide you into a meditation to get you out of your head and into your body a bit more. Then begin the Therapy, your awake but in a meditative like state when the Therapy is taking place. I ask permission prior to us releasing a certain belief and you get to tell me yes or no. Know this, you are in control. I am speaking to your unconscious mind but your brain/body won’t allow you to go 'there' if you're not ready to.

Online Sessions

If the session is online then try to find a spot that feels safe and comfortable. For the first session you will need to be able to adjust the camera so I can see your whole body for the muscle testing. So please work that out prior knowing the best set up for such.

Please know this is a general idea to help those who’s mind tends to wonders so they know a bit more of what to expect. However, this is only a small snippet of what happens. If you’re wanting to chat prior to booking you can schedule a free 15 min consult call or you can book directly, whichever you’re ready for.

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