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What is Animal Reiki?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Animal Reiki is a type of energy healing that uses the same principles as traditional Reiki, but it's specifically designed for animals. The practice was developed by Dr. Barbara Moore, who is also known as "The Animal Reiki Lady" since she has been teaching this technique around the world since 1992.

In short: Animal Reiki works by sending healing energy into an animal's body and mind through touch or visualization (or both). This can help them feel better physically, mentally and emotionally--and it can even help them with issues like pain management or behavioral problems!

The Benefits of Animal Reiki

  • Reduced Stress

  • Improved Immunity

  • Improved Mood

Reiki for Animals

Reiki is a Japanese technique that uses the energy of the universe to promote healing. It can be used on humans, animals and plants.

Animals benefit from Reiki in many ways including:

  • Pain relief

  • Stress reduction (including anxiety)

  • Improved immune system function

How to Find a Reiki Practitioner for Animals

Questions you should be asking in order find the right reiki practitioner for animals:

  • What is your education and training?

  • How long have you been practicing animal reiki?

  • How many animals have you worked with?

  • Do you work with other types of animals besides dogs, cats, horses and other pets (e.g., livestock)?

How to Prepare for an Animal Reiki Session

To prepare for your animal Reiki session, you'll want to create a comfortable environment. You may choose to use incense or essential oils that are associated with healing and relaxation. You can also play soft music in the background to help set the relaxing mood.

Setting up your space is important because it will help your animal feel relaxed while receiving treatment.

The Process of Animal Reiki

The process of animal reiki is similar to that of human Reiki, but with a few key differences.

Preparation: You'll want to make sure your animal is comfortable and relaxed before starting a session. This can be done by giving them treats or playing with them for a bit beforehand, but it's important not to feed them right before the session since their stomachs may be upset during the process (we don't want any accidents!).

Reiki Session: Know that your Reiki Therapist is here for the highest good for you and your animal. Help keep them calm while the session is in progress. Open communication with your Practitioner is usually welcomed. Being a support for your furry friend while the healing takes place is the biggest part.

How Animal Reiki Works

Animal Reiki works by accessing the universal life force energy that flows through all living things. Practitioners first connect with this beautiful energy, then use their hands to direct this energy towards the animal's body, helping to balance their physical, emotional and spiritual energies. This can lead to a range of benefits, including pain relief, stress reduction and an overall sense of well-being.

The energy that is used during an animal Reiki session is not limited to the practitioner's own energy. Instead, it comes from a source that is much larger than any individual, making it a powerful tool for healing.

Animal Reiki as a Complementary Therapy

Animal Reiki is often used as a complementary therapy alongside traditional veterinary care. It can be especially helpful for pets who are dealing with chronic conditions, as well as those who are recovering from surgery or injury.

By working to balance the animal's energy, Reiki can help to support the healing process and reduce the risk of complications. It can also help to ease pain and discomfort, which can be especially important for animals who are unable to communicate their needs.

Animal Reiki for Emotional Healing

In addition to physical healing, animal Reiki can also be used to support emotional healing. Pets who have experienced trauma or who are dealing with anxiety or depression can benefit from the calming and grounding effects of Reiki.

Through regular sessions, animals can learn to trust and feel safe again, which can have a positive impact on their overall well-being. Reiki can also help to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners, as it promotes communication and understanding on a deeper level.

The Importance of Animal Communication

One of the key components of Animal Reiki is communication. Practitioners use their intuition and telepathic abilities to connect with the animal and understand their needs.

This communication is not limited to words or physical cues. Instead, it is a deep understanding of the animal's energy and emotions. By tuning in to this energy, practitioners can gain insights into the animal's physical and emotional state, which will be used to guide the Reiki session.

Animal Reiki for End-of-Life Care

Animal Reiki can also be used to support pets who are nearing the end of their lives. By providing a calming and peaceful environment, Reiki can help to ease the transition process and reduce the pet's pain and anxiety.

For owners who are dealing with the loss of a beloved pet, Reiki can provide comfort and support during this difficult time. By working to balance their own energy, owners can better cope with their grief and find peace in the knowledge that their pet is at rest.

Finding a Qualified Animal Reiki Practitioner

If you are interested in trying animal Reiki for your pet, it's important to find a qualified practitioner who has experience working with animals. Look for someone who has completed a Reiki training program that includes instruction on working with animals.

You can also ask for referrals from your veterinarian or other pet owners who have used Reiki for their pets. Be sure to ask about the practitioner's experience and any certifications or training they have completed. Even better, ask about their pets and what led them to work with animals in this way!

Final Thoughts

Animal Reiki is a powerful tool for promoting healing and well-being in pets. Whether you are looking to support your pet's physical health or emotional well-being, Reiki can be a valuable complementary therapy that can help to improve their quality of life.

As with any form of alternative therapy, it's important to work with a qualified practitioner who can guide you through the process and ensure that your pet receives the best possible care. With the right support, your pet can benefit from the healing power of Reiki for years to come.

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