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Hi, I'm Meg! Your Energy Healer!

My passion lies in guiding clients back to their roots, helping them align with their soul's purpose. Through my work, we embark on a transformative journey to release limiting beliefs, uncover memories, and free emotions that no longer serve. This process is a form of reparenting the unconscious mind, empowering individuals to recognize and shed beliefs that previously held them back.

Somatic Experiencing through root cause therapy

Through the approach of Somatic therapy and Root Cause Therapy I offer a secure and supportive space for clients to process and heal past traumas, replacing negative thought patterns with empowering beliefs.​

Utilizing somatic therapy, I leverage this powerful tool to liberate clients from the shackles of limiting beliefs. Somatic therapy acknowledges the profound connection between the mind and body, understanding that our bodies store emotional and psychological wounds from the past, manifesting as limiting beliefs.​

Root Healing With Meg - A Somatic Therapy Specialist

In a culture that consistently urges us to "let go" without providing guidance on how to do so...

I extend an invitation for you to explore the inherent healing potential that resides within you.

My approach focuses on addressing the root of the issue rather than merely alleviating symptoms. By engaging with the mind, body, soul, and the energy field of our beings, we delve into the profound work where true transformation unfolds. It's in this depth that the real magic transpires. I am here to support you throughout your journey towards authentic and enduring change.

In our collaborative journey, I act as a guide, navigating clients through self-discovery using the body's innate wisdom.

We use muscle testing to learn what beliefs' your body (not your brain) is still holding onto. We then begin working in the unconscious mind, exploring physical sensations and tension to pinpoint where trauma, emotions, and where these limiting beliefs are stored.


Once identified, we work together to release and reframe them.

This holistic approach not only addresses the cognitive aspects of limiting beliefs but also the physical manifestations in the body. Clients experience profound shifts in self-perception, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life. I would love to support you on this transformative path to rediscovering your authentic self, all while allowing you to live in alignment with your true potential.

Education & Professional Associations

The Centre for Healing- Root Cause Therapist Certification

The Embody Lab- Integrative Somatic Therapy Level II Certification

IARP- Holy Fire Reiki, 3rd Degree 

Beyond the Veil- Intuitive Reiki, 1st Degree

Universal Life Church- Ordained Minister

Energy Medicine Professional Association #AM7764

Dallas Energy Healing Counselor

My Journey Unveiled: 


Growing up, much of my early life felt like a blur, with memories selectively blocked to cope with life's weight. I possessed the ability to seamlessly blend into any crowd, a trait I once cherished but later discovered hindered my self-concept.


Raised in a strict religious environment, my curiosity led to questioning, often perceived as rebellion. The disparities in standards for boys and girls ignited a lifelong battle against gender injustices. Despite an inner knowing to resist societal molds, people-pleasing became a persistent struggle for much of the early parts of my life.


In 2010, I married my husband, Zechariah, embarking on a transformative journey. Over the years, our evolution birthed profound connection, patience, and grace. We have two beautiful children, Daniel and Lyla. These kids are full of love, light, and joy… all in their own quirky and talented ways. Through parenthood, my commitment to open conversations and a judgment-free space became a cornerstone.


In early 2019, my path veered towards the soul work I had been longing for, inspired by a profound Reiki experience. A divine setup led me to Root Cause Therapy, a catalyst for overcoming limiting beliefs, people-pleasing tendencies, and religious trauma. Immersed in training, I embraced the resounding "YES!" to offer this transformative work to the world.


My entire life was a quest for identity, battling fear of judgment and societal expectations. Today, my work aims to empower others to uncover their roots, by shedding learned behaviors and revealing their inherent power. My journey, a face-off with negative self-worth, teaches the importance of trusting our inner compass and living authentically.


Nowadays, you can find me grounded in our homestead, where my bare feet meet the soil, my family and I cultivate connection to the land and animals we tend to. Life is more peaceful now, thanks to the path of self-discovery and healing, revealing the ancient wisdom that is within us all. As a wife, mother, healer, and woman, I'm proud of the work I do, recognizing there's still much to accomplish on this ever-evolving journey. Life is a gift, and I cherish the opportunity to share my journey of rebirth with you.

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