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About Meg

Hi, I'm Meg, a certified Root Cause Therapist Practitioner. I practice this alternative healing method, which originated in Melbourne, and I am one of the few practitioners offering this approach within the United States.

You can find more information on Root Cause Therapy here.

More About Me

What truly excites me is helping individuals regain their confidence, while holding space for them to reconnect with themselves. I believe that reconnecting to our roots and allowing our soul to thrive is essential. Often, we are taught to not listen to our bodies or trust our gut feelings, and instead, we focus on external goals and tasks. However, neglecting our internal selves can have consequences. I firmly believe that when we establish a loving connection with ourselves through practices like touch, dance, space holding, compassion, healing, and grace, we nourish our roots and fulfill our soul's longing for deep connections.

As someone who has always been intuitive and a healer, I embraced these gifts after my own journey of self-discovery and life experiences. Now, I assist others in accepting and embracing themselves boldly. Witnessing clients uncover and release outdated programming and adopt a fresh perspective brings me immense joy. I believe that the most impactful way to change the world is by starting with ourselves. When we heal from our past experiences and acquire knowledge, kindness, love, and light, we can then share those qualities with the world, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Previously, I've owned businesses in the home accessory and design world but I realized my true passion is in continuing to evolve within the holistic lifestyle realm. Nowadays, I spend time with my wonderful husband and two kids, tending to our chickens, while cultivating food and flowers at home. I strive to teach my children to honor their bodies and embrace their free spirits. Personally, I embrace and honor all the wasy while continually deepening my connection with self, savoring every aspect of life. My mission is to empower and awaken others to rediscover and reconnect with the profound roots that lie within them.

I offer a virtual therapy service for those who cannot attend in person. Whether you are looking for a Root Cause Therapy Practitioner or Reiki service, we are here to heal. 

For you would like to find out more information about me or the services our office provides, you can book a free consultation call here.

Education & Professional Associations:

The Centre for Healing - Root Cause Therapist Certification

Reiki Membership Association - Holy Fire Reiki, 1st & 2nd Degree 

Beyond the Veil - Usui Ryoho Intuitive Reiki, 1st Degree

Energy Medicine Professional Association #AM7764

Spiritual Healing
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More on RCT

Root Cause Therapy is a therapeutic approach that aims to address and release deeply ingrained emotions stored in the unconscious mind. These emotions are often tied to significant events, including childhood experiences, the birth process, and even generational influences. While these events may not appear significant on the surface, they can profoundly impact our daily lives, shaping our perceptions and behaviors. Root Cause Therapy focuses on exploring the past and freeing ourselves from the emotional disruption associated with these events. By doing so, we gain a clearer perspective, wisdom, and clarity to move forward in life. This therapy can help individuals overcome money blocks, embrace vulnerability, forge deep connections, challenge limiting beliefs, foster a stronger mind-body connection, heal trauma bonds, and address addictive tendencies. Through guided sessions, I helps individuals identify and release the root causes of their emotional and belief patterns, facilitating personal growth and empowerment. 

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