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The Healing Sisterhood

Welcome to my passion project! this is a space I have felt called to cultivate. A space for likeminded women can come to gather and be seen. I found most of us were longing for connection on our healing journey because, lets be real... Healing changes ya. and sometimes that means, stepping away from old habits, and toxic relationships. Once we start to heal our BS meter raises  as well as our standards for what we allow in our lives. 

So at times, you are transforming and others in your world aren't on the same page. No ill wishes to them, just that were at different turning points in our lives. 

In steps our our online and in person community. This space started from my women clientele and now has grown to any woman that is taking the path of healing, is welcomed. We meet once a month for free for connection and community. Gathering for something different each time. 

We have a Facebook group called, The Healing Sisterhood, you can join us, if you'd like.  As that is where in person event info is always posted first. 

February-  We wrote love letters to ourselves. thanking all the old versions of us. It was profound to hear the ones who shared their stories and how far they've come.

Feb 2024 THSH.jpg

We joined together for a winter soloistic meditation. Remembering in January we are still deep in the slumber of winter. Honoring the wisdom of the seasons, we rested and nourished our souls. 

Feb 2024 THSH.jpg

We came to together and shared a warm mug of cocoa while meeting and holding space for one another. Cultivating a safe space for women to come together and be love jsut as they are. In the messiness of life that makes us true beauties. This space is for us to come togher, drop our armor and to be seen just as we are. To have space held for each of us and to do so for others as they deserve. We were meant for community and connection, we just have to create it from true love and compassion. 

Feb 2024 THSH.jpg
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